Check out this great video

Belleville News & Food • Belleville, NJ

Check out this great video of the installation of an awning in Belleville, New Jersey


Proof read your artwork thoroughly. Any typographical errors or omissions are the customer's responsibility once the artwork is approved. Read the file carefully, especially for names, addresses, layout, dates, numbers and technical words. 

With your approval you release ALL GRAPHIC DESIGNS, LLC, from any responsibility in case of errors. All changes need to be done by email, text or in person. The final job will be printed on the stock and ink you specified when you placed the order.

BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM YOU CERTIFY THAT YOU READ THIS FORM AND THAT YOU APPROVED YOUR ARTWORK. All designs will be placed online, on our site, for your review unless you specify not to.

75% deposit on all orders • 25% payment when artwork is approved • Orders less than $99.99 need to be paid in full • Printing Only Jobs 100% payment up-front • NO EXCEPTIONS. Every job or design that is submitted must be corrected before sending it to us, if you made mistakes in a job that we did not design, it is your responsibility. We do not make corrections in jobs or designs not made by AGD, in the case that you want us to correct your design; We need the original document where it was made and this will have an additional cost. If you need translation, we can do it; and it will have an additional cost. WORKS NOT MADE BY US, WILL BE PRINTED AS IT IS. 

Credit Card payments 3% Fee.  

We accept business checks, 100% payment in advance. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.


Any errors after approval is not the printers fault and payments will not be returned.

Colors will always be 5% to 10% off on re orders, for color matching fee is $265. 

Customer is responsible for giving us accurate measurements. 

Customer can change the design up to 3 times, after that if you have more changes there will be a fee of $15 per change. 

AFTER ARTWORK IS APPROVED AND ORDER PROCESSED, CUSTOMER HAS 30 MINUTES TO CANCEL OR MAKE ANY CHANGES ON THE ORDER, PASSED THE 30 MINUTES CUSTOMER IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR FULL PAYMENT. Non-paying customers will be taken to court and court fee and personnel time will be included/added to the bill for payment, including $100.00 for non-payment/storage/customer service/processing/mailing/etc.